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By Chris Campbell C.P.H.

As an authorized hypnotherapist, Dr. Chris Campbell's efforts in those fields - together with his obsession to satisfy truth - led him to a couple extraordinary discoveries. particular in an informative, interesting, and funny narrative, Campbell's most up-to-date paintings, This publication isn't actual is a peek right into a international that transcends conventional past/present misconceptions, therefore reevaluating destiny probabilities for us all. WHAT everyone is asserting approximately TBNR! ", i ordered your e-book, i have had it for four days.. and became completely absorbed in it. you may have a stunning point of view in this entire adventure we play in. i admire it. you're really "open minded"." -Meiko M. "If TBNR was once a girl, i'd make candy passionate like to it." -Joe B.

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52 Your Eyes Are Getting Sleepy……. Hypnosis has a bad rap, definitely. It has so many negative connotations to it that people are either too afraid to try it or completely disregard it because, once again, it is too ‘woowoo’ for their taste. The joke is on them because everything is hypnosis! If a movie showed a bad (and unrealistic) side of hypnosis you were hypnotized about hypnosis. When you watch TV you are hypnotized. When you are fully focused on a book you are hypnotized. That relaxed feeling right before sleep: hypnosis.

But since it’s a little safer to question it these days, I say why not? There is always another side of the story, and I’m definitely not saying I have found the truth, but I do think I can provide some clues that will provide people with other ways of looking at things. But, of course, I have to add some dis-tastefulness in the mix with comedian Bill Hicks: A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant!

The cross symbol ( ) was one that ancients created to symbolize how their calendar (which was round) split into four seasons. Theirs also had a circle around the center of it to symbolize the ‘life of God’s Sun’. They saw this as God’s Sun on the cross of the seasons. ) You can still find crosses with circles around the centers on top of church roofs everywhere. Ancients also created the Zodiac signs, each month given an appropriate sign. Each ‘sign’ was called a ‘house’ of the Heavenly Zodiac.

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