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The neurosecretory cells are confined to the neurohypophysis, and most of them end in the neural lobe; but some of them make contact with the primary venous plexus in the median eminence. In this way, secretions from the latter can pass into the portal circulation and so to the pars distalis. How much they do so, and whether they affect the rates of hormone secretion from the adenohypophysis, is still a matter for discussion. The vasomotor fibres of the sympathetic nerves follow the course of the hypophysial arteries (Fig.

The pars distalis becomes increasingly important in land animals, and especially in mammals, whereas the pars intermedia decreases in size and may even be wholly lacking, as in the chick and whale. The blood supply of the pituitary also shows important differ­ ences in different classes of vertebrates (Fig. 2-11). In fish, hypophysial arteries from the internal carotids break up into a vascular plexus, which penetrates the whole organ and eventually drains into venous sinuses under the skull. ) In Urodela, the arterioles pass first to the pars tuberalis and thence to the capillary plexus of the pars distalis and pars nervosa.

From Young, 1936). 112 Neurosecretory systems of Crustacea There are four neurosecretory systems in crustaceans. Two of these have their nucleated cell bodies in the brain and in the optic 24 SOURCES OF KINETIC AND METABOLIC HORMONES lobes; the ends of their secreting axons are aggregated into distinct storage-and-release organs, known as the sinus gland and Hanstrom's sensory pore organ respectively. A third group of neurosecretory cell bodies has been found in (a) FIG. 2-5. 223); but the natural point of release for their secretions into the blood stream is uncertain.

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