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Early Readers find out about varied Animal Habitats.

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They are in the fingers, breasts, genitals, and lips. PACINIAN CORPUSCLES Oval-shaped bodies, these receptors are sensitive to pressure and vibration. 5 mm) in length. They are located deep in the hypodermis. SUDORIFEROUS GLANDS regulate the temperature of the body. The eccrine glands are tubular and cover the entire surface of the body. The apocrine glands are specialized; they are located only in the armpits and the genital area. They are large and do not empty directly onto the skin but into the pilous follicle.

The natural route of the food is down the esophagus to the stomach. MOLARS INCISORS About 10 seconds after chewing has begun, the food is transformed into a moist alimentary bolus that makes its way through the pharynx to the esophagus and then to the stomach, where other changes will take place. 2 3 03:00:00 Three hours after its arrival, the food leaves the stomach, which has accomplished its function. The first phase of digestion is over. The bolus now has a liquid and creamy consistency. 4 06:00:00 THE MOUTH THE SOFT PALATE Also called the velar palate, the palate keeps the food from going into the nose.

Lobules SINUSOID Its function is to transport blood to the lobule, where it is processed. 9 l) equilibrium of proteins, glucose, fats, cholesterol, hormones, and vitamins. The liver also participates in coagulation. Among its other functions, the liver processes nutrients to maintain an adequate level of glucose in the blood. This task requires hundreds of chemical processes that are carried out by the hepatocytes, or liver cells. These are COMMON BILIARY DUCT DUODENUM The initial part of the small intestine HEPATIC TISSUE Excess glucose in the organism is stored as glycogen in the cells of the liver.

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