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22 8 AFTER THE BEEP T he answering machine and I first met in New York. I’d decided to call Reggie from JFK to tell him the plane had got in OK. Reggie is a lawyer of Jamaican origins who I’d met in the little coastal village of Asilah during his first visit to Morocco. We hit it off straight away, probably thanks to a mutual passion for women and music. I dialed the number I’d written so carefully on my hand during the flight over. The call was going through. It felt good to be getting in touch with Reggie again.

While I listened to Lori talk, I took in the clusters of cherries dangling from her ears, the sliced pineapple bracelets made of fluorescent rubber, the wild strawberry wedged in her navel. A splendid fruit cocktail! An appetiser to take the breath away! ” I averted my gaze a moment to pursue the latest arrival—a beautiful brunette with azure eyes. She moved languorously, thumbs hooked into a pair of jeans that fit her like a second skin. Her bare breasts were painted with giant replicas of her own eyes—for pupils, a set of brown nipples, with two blue areolae making the irises.

You can eat on the go if you want. The hamburger has heralded a raft of technological revolutions in this respect, starting with the transistor radio, that ingenious invention that made the notion of “portable” music possible for the first time in history. The transistor was followed by other innovations that emulated the hamburger in offering the individual more mobility: the walkman, voicemail, the computer, the mobile phone, to mention a few. ) of the technological age. I have produced these reflections under the influence of two Big Macs.

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