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In Marx's illustration above, the owner of linen suppresses its use-value by introducing, in its place, the alien use-value of the coat. He expresses the value of linen in its coat price. 1057/9780230372207 - An Outline of the Dialectic of Capital, Thomas T. com - licensed to McGill University - PalgraveConnect - 2013-10-08 34 The Pricing of Commodities 35 publicly announces that he is willing to part with 20 yards of it, if someone comes along with one coat of his liking. * * In absolutely no circumstances should the expression of value such as (3) above be interpreted as direct barter of linen for a coat.

In other words, the owner of the coat possesses the immediate purchasing-power of the 20 yards of linen, by virtue of the already outstanding proposal (3). He is as good as having the money to buy the 20 yards of linen offered for sale, whether he wants to exercise that power at present for that purpose or not. As the money-owner he has the choice of either jumping to accept the proposal, or waiting for a while to see what happens. His response will depend on the urgency of his individual need or want; he may either buy too quickly and miss the chance of letting the linen-owner offer more than 20 yards in return for his coat; or, by temporising for too long, he may lose the opportunity of buying linen altogether.

In other words, we must look at the above relation ex ante as the seller's proposed trade. " In that case it is clear that the value of A is expressed by the bla quantity of the use-value of B. The value of A can only be expressed by a definite quantity of the use-value of another commodity, in this case B. e. in order to prove itself a valueobject. This makes the expression of the value of the commodity by its price, or exchange-value, a necessity. Since no commodity can express its value with its own use-value, it must seek another commodity the use-value of which is of interest to the owner of the original commodity.

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