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By R.P.M. Lehmann

This guide used to be produced with the purpose of delivering scholars with an advent to previous Irish literature in addition to to the language. one of many remarkable outdated Irish tales is used because the simple textual content. Examples of poems, and of the glosses, complement it. All are completely annotated. The grammatical info supplied in those annotations is summarized in grammatical sections facing particular structures and kinds. the 1st fifty of those sections are descriptive; the various related issues are mentioned within the moment fifty part from a ancient standpoint. a last thesaurus contains references to all phrases taking place within the texts. The gear used to be hence designed to allow a comparatively effortless method of a really tricky language.

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See also Hignett (1952) 219, cf. 152 n. 4. See the discussion of the evidence by Hignett (1952) Appendix IX, 3 4 2 - 3 , Rhodes (1981) 338f. See Arist. Ath. Pol. 4. Arist, Ath. Pol. 2 6 . 2 ; the first archon from the third property class was selected in 4 5 7 / 6, which must mean the reform was instituted earlier. There is n o direct evidence of the date of institution of pay for magistrates, though Arist. Ath. Pol. 2 7 . 3 - 4 does imply that pay for juries was the first instance of pay for office.

42 We do not know how many — or what kinds of — citizens took advantage of this opportunity once the barriers of convention had been breached. 44 The assembly's willingness to ignore the advice of 'the authorities' if better or more congenial advice was available on the hill called the Pnyx, where the assembly met, was in part a function of the diffusion of political responsibilities (which weakened the very notion of 'an authority'), and is likely to have proceeded in tandem with the development of isegoria.

The decision is not an easy one to make (line 397), and 'justice' is not, in the king's view, the relevant criterion, for it is unclear on which side justice stands. What is needed is careful thought (lines 407^). ; cf. ). Yet the ultimate decision rests with the demos. , 941). ). These decrees of the democratic polis rest on principles antithetical to those of the Danaids, who are exponents of self-will and barbarian despotism. The Danaids refer to the hubris and violence of their pursuers.

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