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By Herbert M. Shelton

Publication by way of Shelton, Herbert M.

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Anytime you do not feel comfortable speaking with a spirit, you can call on your Gatekeeper Guide to surround you with White Light and shield your energy from negativity. Never feel guilty about calling on your Guides or Gatekeepers. Although they are always there for you, other spirits are not so available. They, like living people, don’t answer every time you decide to call. That’s why it’s a good idea not to summon spirits. It’s not necessary for you to know your Spirit Guide’s name or who they were in life.

Recognizing Energy Exercise 1 • Rub your hands together vigorously and then hold them an inch apart. • Hold them closer without touching and then pull them farther apart. • Repeat, moving your hands toward and away from each other until you can feel the very subtle changes in energy. You might feel it right away or it might take some practice. But eventually, you will feel it. With a partner • Hold your hand a few inches away from your partner’s hand and feel his or her energy. • Move your hands away from each other and then closer together without touching hands.

According to quantum physics, whenever an event takes place or a decision is made in which there’s a choice of possibilities, the universe divides so that every possibility is realized but in different dimensions. This means that an infinity of new universes are generated every instant. We ourselves theoretically exist in countless different dimensions, doing different things and thinking different thoughts. This particular brain of ours is only aware of one of these dimensions—this one. Simply put, time and space do not exist in the spirit world.

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