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By Clara Dillingham Pierson

An enthralling sequence of nature tales for young ones, together with stories of pink squirrels, nice horned owls, rattlesnakes, and bats. nobody can learn those reasonable conversations of the little creatures of the wooden with no being so much tenderly drawn towards them. in the context of every tale little ones study many wonderful evidence concerning the lives and conduct of those little humans of the wooded area. excellent for kids a long time five to 7.

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He said that he felt as though he could reach around his body with one claw, and when a Crow says that he feels exceedingly thin. But now spring was here, and his sisters and his cousins and his aunts, yes, and his brothers and his uncles, too, had returned to the forest to live. He had found two good dinners already, all that he could eat and more too, and he began to feel happy and bold. The purple gloss on his feathers grew brighter every day, and he was glad to see this. He wanted to look so handsome that a certain Miss Crow, a sister of one of his friends, would like him better than she did any of the others.

He wasn't afraid of this figure because he knew all about it. He had seen it put up the day before, and he knew that there was no man under the big straw hat and the flapping coat. He knew that, instead of a thinking, breathing person, there was only a stick nailed to a pole. He knew that, instead of having two good legs with which to run, this figure had only the end of a pole stuck into the ground. Of course, he might have told them all, and then they could have gathered corn from the broken ground around, but he didn't want to do that.

Speak softly, please. That is the Cowbird, and it is not her nest. You will get into trouble if you talk such things aloud. She can't help it. " Mr. Red Squirrel tried very hard to find out the reason for this, but there are always some things for which no reason can be given; and there are many questions which can never be answered, even if one were to ask, "Why? why? " all day long. So Mr. Red Squirrel, being a wise little fellow, stopped asking, and thought by using his eyes and ears he would in time learn all that he needed to know.

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