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By Alvin K Bettinger; John A Englund

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Ignore the information about the name of the network. (b) Use the midpoint formula with the two points that you plotted in part (a) to obtain an approximation for the dollar amount paid per TV hour for 1988. ) (c) Compute the percentage error in the approximation in part (b). The actual 1988 value is given in the table. 5 0 2000 1996 1992 1988 1984 t 1980 Dollars (millions) per TV hour 12. Use the distance formula to show that, in each case, the triangle with given vertices is an isosceles triangle.

75 (set by Haile Gebrselassie of Kenya). Use the picture you obtain to say whether or not the record times seem to be leveling off. 25. (a) Sketch the parallelogram with vertices A(Ϫ7, Ϫ1), B(4, 3), C(7, 8), and D(Ϫ4, 4). (b) Compute the midpoints of the diagonals AC and BD. (c) What conclusion can you draw from part (b)? 26. The vertices of ^ABC are A(1, 1), B(9, 3), and C(3, 5). (a) Find the perimeter of ^ABC. (b) Find the perimeter of the triangle that is formed by joining the midpoints of the three sides of ^ABC.

Similarly, to find the y-intercept, we set x ϭ 0 in the given equation 3x ϩ 5y ϭ 15 and solve for y: 3102 ϩ 5y ϭ 15 5y ϭ 15 yϭ3 The y-intercept is 3.

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