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By Sharon Wynne

AEPA French pattern try out sixteen comprises competencies/skills stumbled on at the AEPA French attempt and one hundred twenty five sample-test questions. This consultant, aligned particularly to criteria prescribed by way of the Arizona division of schooling, covers the sub-areas of Listening Comprehension; analyzing and Vocabulary; Language buildings; Cultural figuring out; international Language method; Written Expression; and Oral Expression.

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A. ils dansent B. ils chantent C. ils regardent les bateaux D. ils racontent des histoires A is the correct answer. FRENCH SAMPLE TEST 54 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE 106. 109. Which of the following sculpted le Penseur? Which of the following began the style of pointillisme? A. Picasso A. Claude Monet B. Rodin B. Edouard Manet C. Aristide Maillol C. Georges Seurat D. Jean-Antoine Houdon D. Auguste Renoir B is correct: Le Penseur is Rodin’s most famous sculpture. 107. C is the correct answer: it becomes obvious when one looks at his paintings.

Cela n'aurait plu à personne. Which French king proclaimed the Edit of Nantes. A. Louis IX B. Louis XI B. Personne n'aurait plu à cela. C. Louis XIII C. Cela n'aurait plu personne. D. Henry IV D. Cela personne n'aurait plu. D is correct. Henry IV was a Protestant, but when he became King of France he had to convert to Catholicism. However, he proclaimed an “Edict”, which allowed all the right to be either Protestant or Catholic. A is correct. The other answers do not make sense, either grammatically (C) or because they don’t mean anything (B and D).

Voici une demi-heure que je vous ____. Je te donnerai ma réponse quand je te ____. A. Attende A. Reverrai B. Attends B. Revois C. Attendais C. Reverrais D. Attendez D. Reverras The correct answer is B: an action that started in the past but which is still going on is described in the present: “Il y a/Voici/Voila une heure que je vous attends”. A is wrong simply because it is a verb form which does not exist. C is wrong because of the rule expressed above, the action is still going on so there is no reason to use the past.

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