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By Carl M. Bender;Steven A. Orszag;C. M. Bender

The successful vindication of daring theories-are those now not the delight and justification of our life's paintings? -Sherlock Holmes, The Valley of worry Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the most goal of our booklet is to give and clarify mathematical tools for acquiring approximate analytical ideas to differential and distinction equations that can not be solved precisely. Our goal is to assist younger and likewise validated scientists and engineers to construct the talents essential to learn equations that they stumble upon of their paintings. Our presentation is geared toward constructing the insights and methods which are Most worthy for attacking new difficulties. we don't emphasize distinct equipment and methods which paintings just for the classical transcendental features; we don't stay on equations whose particular strategies are recognized. The mathematical equipment mentioned during this publication are recognized jointly as­ asymptotic and perturbative research. those are the main precious and robust equipment for locating approximate options to equations, yet they're tough to justify carefully. therefore, we pay attention to the main fruitful element of utilized research; specifically, acquiring the reply. We tension care yet no longer rigor. to provide an explanation for our technique, we examine our targets with these of a freshman calculus direction. A starting calculus direction is taken into account winning if the scholars have realized how one can clear up difficulties utilizing calculus.

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An(x)] y(x), and so on. Then wt(x) satisfies the first-order linear equation (d/dx)w t + at WI = f(x). The solution to this equation has one integration constant. w2 (x) solves the first-order linear equation w~(x) + az(x)wz(x) = wt(x) and contains two integration constants. (x)y(x) = wn-t(x). 9) for y(x) contains all n integration constants and is therefore the general solution of Ly = f The catch, of course, is that it is often very difficult to factor a linear operator. To illustrate, we try to factor the second-order operator L = Po(x) + pt(x)d/dx + d2/dx 2 by force.

The independent variable in the new differential equation is y. Note that the highest derivative of u with respect to y in the new equation is always one less than the highest derivative of y with respect to x in the original equation. Example 1 Reduction of order of an autonomous equation. (a) The substitution y'(x) = u(y) simplifies the equation y'" + yy' = 0 to the second-order equation U'2 + uu" + y = 0, after dividing through by u. (b) The equation yy' = y"y'" may be replaced by the second-order equation y = UU'3 + u2u'u".

2n where V = (Jl + 4v - 1)/2 and n is an integer (see Prob. 38). 8) :S: n :S: V), ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 29 Example 6 Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problem. The eigenvalue problem a(x)y"(x) + b(x)y'(x) + c(x)y(x) + d(x)Ey(x) = 0, subject to the boundary conditions Y(IX) form (see Prob. 9) = y(P) = 0, can always be transformed to Sturm-liouville d [p(x) dx dY ] + [q(x) + Er(x)]y = 0, dx Y(IX) = y(P) = o. 10) is a Sturm-Liouville problem. •latical property of Sturm-Liouville problems which we do not prove here that when p(x) > 0, q(x) ~ 0, r(x) > 0, IX~X~P, there are an infinite number of eigenvalues E = Eo, E 1, E 2 , ••• which are all real and positive.

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