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By Susan Glass

This booklet explains how species have tailored to their atmosphere over the years to be able to survive.

summary: This booklet explains how species have tailored to their setting over the years with a view to live to tell the tale

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Oil spills injure or kill ocean life. Logging destroys forest habitats. Spraying pesticides on crops pollutes groundwater that is used by humans and animals. html Visit the “Earth Floor” and learn how plants, animals, and humans adapt to the changing environment. ” Play the animal adaptation game, take the Arctic adaptation challenge, and learn more about animal antics. htm#twilight Explore some unique adaptive creatures found in each of the ocean zones. html Use the “Desert Directory” to guide you to the “Animal & Wildlife” or “Plants & Wildflowers” section of this Desert USA site to learn more about animal and plant adaptations in the desert.

When temperatures grow cold, they build shelters. When it gets hot, they turn on the air-conditioning. In times of drought, they use irrigation. In times of floods, they build barriers. With intelligence, skill, and communication, the human population has managed to multiply and spread out over the globe. 42 However, humans’ success in meeting their needs and wants has changed the environment for other species. Humans have chopped down forests for farmland. They’ve cleared rain forests to build roads and cities.

Why? Its stink attracts hungry flies that then spread pollen for the plant. Some orchids have flowers that look and smell like female bees. The flowers attract male bees that are looking for a mate. The males don’t get a mate, but they do pick up pollen and accidentally carry it to other flowers. Once plants have produced seeds, it’s important that they get scattered away from the parent plant. Otherwise, the new plants are overcrowded and their chances of survival drop. So Coconut palm plants have come up with brilliant ways to disperse, or spread, their seeds.

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