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Can you construct a chook feeder that retains squirrels out? the place do earthworms wish to stay? Does colour have an effect on human feelings? study the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys experiments during this ebook. younger scientists will realize and discover behaviors of animals' interactions with environments. Many experiments contain principles you should use in your technology reasonable.

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Science Fair Project Idea What do you and sharks have in common? Shark scales (placoid scales) are like your teeth—both have a cap of dentin that encloses a pulp cavity and is itself covered by hard enamel (see Figure 9). Fish markets usually carry shark steaks, which still have sharkskin attached. Run your fingers over the skin. Does it feel coarse, like sandpaper? Use a magnifying glass to examine sharkskin closely. You will see the spines of numerous placoid scales embedded in it. Use tweezers, while looking through your lens, to remove several scales.

Bees have several different pheromones. One is used to signal an attack on an invader; a second to indicate alarm; a third to attract bees to food; another to identify the queen bee; and so on. In the case of a goose rolling an egg, the releaser is the sight of an egg or an egglike object outside the nest. Even if the egg is then taken away, the goose behaves in the same way. It goes through the same motions, which shows that the response is an innate behavior. Interestingly, geese will carry out egg-rolling behavior only while their eggs are being incubated.

Use Figure 5 as a guide to rotifers and other small animals. How many kinds can you identify? Measure the size of a rotifer. Compare its size to that of other micro animals such as hydras, water fleas, and copepods. Which is the smallest animal? FIGURE 5: Micro Animals Science Fair Project Ideas Rotifers are also used as fish food, and pet stores usually have vials of dried Brachionus eggs for hatching. Brachionus ranges in size up to 300 µm—about 1/3 mm. Prepare a micro aquarium so that you can observe the eggs as they develop and hatch.

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