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By Klaus Joehle

Only a thought:Sometimes there's not anything finer than breaking all of the principles and attaining for the sky. in particular if these principles have been intended to restrict you, us rather than uplifting us.Then it turns into nearly a heavenly act.As with every little thing, there's an paintings to breaking all of the rules.It should be performed in any such demeanour that it harms no one.But as a substitute it lifts us and offers us a brand new horizon to arrive for. Publishers, publishing homes, you were given to like them; you cannot do that! it really is by no means been performed like this! O no impossible! you want to do it like???It's continually been performed . . . Excuse me please, it kind of feels I left my bulldozer operating, unwell be correct again I promise. What does all of this need to do with a leprechaun? every little thing is attached to every little thing. O' please feed me candy nothings yet are not making me face the reality back, no longer back.

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Billions of people doing things that they do not want to do creates unhappiness and that unhappiness creates energy, which goes into the environment and then is causing more damage then everything else combined. The energy from so many unhappy people is what is poisoning the environment more then all else combined; although it does not show up that way. It is like anger causing an ulcer. And so if the forest is dying because of fungi; who created that fungi and with what energy. The anger created the ulcer and people’s sadness created the fungi that then kills the trees.

But I'll be back bright and early tomorrow and we’ll work on it then, it won't take long. Well I hope not;” he said shaking his head while walking deeper into the forest. He just seemed to disappear into the forest. ” I said but he was already gone. I stayed there thinking for some time watching my cigarette smoke curls hang in the moist air like little ghosts in the forest. At times We all need to believe that something Extraordinary Is Possible And even more so That it will happen to us Chapter Ten On the way home his song came to my mind I started replaying it in my mind it just felt like it had the makings of something… like a jingle that could be repeated over and over until it feels real and then becomes real.

It seems like the contrast brings forth the beauty. Like light would not be as beautiful if there was no contrast as in darkness and so also in reverse. So I think I want something to do that I like but also have it some how contrast with something else and by that making each even more joyful and fun and just a real joy to be doing it. Doing it for the joy of doing it not for any other reason; also I want it from and un-edited creativity free flowing something… I have some things that seem very interesting and somehow just don’t feel right almost like I’m taking the wrong path and yet there are other things that I could be doing like writing but it seems that it does not feel good to sit and write but yet some part of me seems to love it and something in me hates it sort of like it could be the thing for me to do and yet it might not be.

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