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This can be an autonomous basic study in physics introducing the reform of contemporary physics. In 1996-2005, it used to be released in elements in clinical journals; in 2007 it was once revealed privately in Britain and registered within the British Library; in 2008 it was once registered at the Copyright workplace of the Library of Congress. The e-book includes 129 pages measurement A5. it really is intendent for pro physicists and will be of curiosity to scientists and scholars mostly.

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Além da teoria, Eletrodinâmica oferece problemas que possibilitam aplicar todo o conteúdo apresentado nos capítulos de forma desafiadora, o que torna o livro excellent aos alunos de graduação e pós-graduação em física, e também é uma excelente fonte de consulta para profissionais ligados à área.

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Prefácio; Mensagem; 1. Análise vetorial; 2. Eletrostática; three. Técnicas especiais; four. Campos elétricos na matéria; five. Magnetostática; 6. Campos magnéticos na matéria; 7. Eletrodinâmica; eight. Leis de conservação; nine. Ondas eletromagnéticas; 10. Potenciais e campos; eleven. Radiação; 12. Eletrodinâmica e relatividade; Apêndices; Índice remissivo.

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In the context of the above theory, this fact may be commented as follows. The structures of the above mesons are much less developed than those of the neutron and the hydrogen atom and, unlike them, are not consistent with vacuum. For that reason, their internal organs are not developed to the level of three autonomous subsystems, but only to the level of their two relative combinations, which may be symbolically described by the ratios of the above three matrices: A/B, A/Г, B/A, B/Г, Г/A, Г/B.

Ohanian. Modern Physics. Second Edition. Prentice Hall. 1995. CHAPTER 4 EVALUATION OF THE PARAMETERS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF ETHER Introduction As the reader knows, the problem of ether, as an actual problem of theoretical and experimental physics, arose with the development of the theory of light, and especially in connection with Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory, but then was almost abandoned after the advent of the special theory of relativity. And despite the fact that experiments have shown vacuum to be not an abstract space but an arena of intense physical processes, modern physics still evades using the term ‘ether’, preferring its substitutes, such as ‘electromagnetic vacuum’, ‘physical vacuum’, ‘Dirac’s vacuum’, etc.

These quarks implement the simplest operations, those of the conservation of energy and exchange interaction with vacuum, and may be called, accordingly, the quarks of conservation and exchange. Conclusion There have been obtained new results concerning the structure and the adequate way of description of the hydrogen atom, which introduces a useful and promising supplement to modern theories. 44 A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms References 1. Holstein B. Weak Interactions in Nuclei, 1989.

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