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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Utilizing a game-like layout, this e-book illustrates the interplay of crops and animals within the Asian mangrove wooded area. The books a number of tale paths exhibit the advanced and mild nutrients internet of the mangrove woodland. attractive textual content and shiny layout support show key curricular techniques with regards to meals webs and biomes.

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A common kinst. To see stolen from itsmnoen kingfisher what a com n to pa ge 4 8 . is up to, tu r . . a Malaysian giant turtle egg, uncovered by a leopard. To see what another Malaysian giant turtle is up to, tur n to page 16. . a baby large flying fox, left behind by the colony. To see what a large flying fox is up to, turn to page 17. d . . an Indian monitor lizars that just crawled out of hi r egg. To see what anotdhe is ar Indian monitor liz . 43 ge up to, tu rn to pa . . a crab-eating frog that thought it was hidden from sight.

A gossamer-winged butterfly caterpillar found under a leaf. To find out what api api puti . 38 are like, tu rn to pa ge what another gossamerwinged butterfly is up to, turn to page 19. . some golden To find out w leatherferns . h golden leath at the erferns of th e mangrove fo rest are like, tu r n to pa ge 24 . . a porcelain fiddler crab scuttling through the mud at low tide. To find out what another porcelain fiddler crab is up to, tur n to page 51. . . a scorpion mud lobster scooting through the shallow water.

Soon one hundred ants are pulling and folding the stiff leaf. They line up the leaf so that it meets the leaf above it on the branch. But just as the two edges meet—boing! A long-tailed macaque that is passing through jumps on the branch. The jarring of his landing shakes the ants loose. The leaf springs back in place. The ant finds herself sailing through the air! The ant lands on a branch below. She scrambles around before she finds old pheromone trails from other ants. She traces her way back up the trunk to the same leaf.

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