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On Agriculture, Volume I, Books I-IV (Loeb Classical Library No. 361)

Columella (Lucius Iunius Moderatus) of Gades (Cadiz) lived within the reigns of the 1st emperors to approximately 70 CE. He moved early in existence to Italy the place he owned farms and lived close to Rome. it truly is possible that he did army provider in Syria and Cilicia and that he died at Tarentum. Columella's On Agriculture (De Re Rustica) is the main finished, systematic and designated of Roman agricultural works.

Sargonic and Gutian periods, 2334-2113 BC

The period of time coated by way of this quantity extends from the accession of Sargon of Akkad to the top of the Gutian interval (2334-2133 BC). during this corpus we discover the 1st broad use of the Akkadian language, in it oldest recognized dialect, for royal inscriptions. approximately the entire texts during this quantity are recorded in that language; a couple of are in Sumerian, and 4 are bilingual.

Saints and Symposiasts: The Literature of Food and the Symposium in Greco-Roman and Early Christian Culture

Greek traditions of writing approximately foodstuff and the symposium had an extended and wealthy afterlife within the first to 5th centuries CE, in either Greco-Roman and early Christian tradition. This e-book offers an account of the background of the table-talk culture, derived from Plato's Symposium and different classical texts, focusing between different writers on Plutarch, Athenaeus, Methodius and Macrobius.

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The idea of Homer is more important here than the ‘real’ Homer, if he ever existed. For an introduction to the debate, see Heiden 2000. See further Taplin 1992: 285–93, Stanley 1993: 249–93, Olson 1995: 228–39, Heiden 1998, Jensen 1999, De Jong 2001, Edwards 2002: 38–61, Heiden 2008. We should take book divisions seriously as part of the architectural design of the poems, especially the Iliad, at whatever stage in the tradition they were introduced, and as a fascinating aspect of narrative transition.

Bakker 1993: 15. See further Bakker 2005 on Homeric performance and visualisation, esp. ch. 8, ‘Remembering the god’s arrival’. On Ovid, see Wheeler 1999. It would be profitable to pursue this in other Hellenistic and Roman epics. 111 More tendentiously, one might argue that narrative poetry in the ancient world has the same cultural hegemony, penetration and prestige as cinema has in ours. 113 For all the similarities, the differences between film and epic are equally important: by drawing out the visual side of epic, ideas from film studies and other visual theories take us away from words and the poet, and instead privilege the reader or listener as spectator.

100 On the embodied nature of spectatorship and reading, see Esrock 1994. 22 Introduction interplay of difference and similarity, the attempt to think ourselves into their schemata and thought patterns, while remaining aware of our own. For this project, all sorts of theoretical writings are invaluable. Anyone who claims not to be using a ‘theory’ in their work is being disingenuous, or rhetorical. I have tried not to impose an idea on the material, but to balance what I look for in the texts against what I happen to find.

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