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They help us understand how particular things happen. In areas where no statistical data is available, the case study is often the only possible method of studying a phenomenon. The biggest disadvantage to the case study is that one can never be certain about how representative the case is. Does it represent a general trend or is it the exception to the rule? Does it have any applicability to other cases or is it unique? Large n studies help us determine whether a particular proposition is generally applicable or limited to a small number of cases.

So, within the mainstream, political economy can mean an attempt to integrate politics and economics along the line of institutional economics, or it can mean the application of neoclassical economics assumptions and methods into the study of politics. Outside these understandings, another version of political economy survived the shift to neoclassical economics. A Marxist political economy tradition flourished but was ignored by many Western academics. Indeed, the association of political economy with Marxism was one of the reasons for the continued neglect of political economy in university economics departments.

In some respects this made sense. National states were becoming more developed and their regulatory activity was having an increasingly significant impact on the people within the hardening borders. However, this methodological nationalism meant that the connections between societies and their relationship to the outside world were neglected. IPE tries to bridge some of these historic divides. It crosses the boundaries between the study of politics and economics, as well as the national and the international.

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